Should You Let Your Child Take POA As An O-Level Issue?

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Every Year, as Secondary two students finish their yearlong assessments, parents will start fretting over the topics that their children should take for the next step in their academic life. Aside from science and the mathematics, many parents wonder if they ought to allow their kids to take subjects like a different humanity or accounting.


There is not a wrong or right answer:

Every child is the amount of work, and different they can cope varies. Parents incorporate the curriculum the child is involved but also should consider considerations of not only their workload.  If your child is planning to go on to University or Polytechnics, Principles of Accounts is one topic that will benefit them. As a POA tutor, I have encountered many polytechnic and college students who struggle to look for help since they have no clue what their lecturers are currently discussing. In studies, Lecturers will jump ahead without doing through the fundamentals; principles that are covered in schools, they are supposed to cover and expect the student to have the background knowledge. By allowing your child the child will be spared of the misery when they enter the level to take POA in school.

If you are wondering, my kid is not interested in studying any course or entering business school. You  will leave out the Other benefits or learning how to keep an eye on personal finance and these and jump right into what is important to you now-their principles of accounts o level outcomes. POA is an extremely Subject to score. Compared to other humanities like history and geography, there is mugging required. This paper’s focus is on the calculations rather than theory.