Can You Afford a Criminal Lawyer Singapore?

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You have zero money, and you have been arrested and charged with a crime. Is it still possible that you hire a criminal attorney to help fight your situation? The term, hire, in this Instance means you will be protected by the Constitution and assigned an lawyer to assist with your case. These lawyers are reputable, licensed and probably work in a public defender’s office. This court-appointed criminal lawyer is going to be provided to you for a tiny fee, if you can afford it, or even at no charge.

Most states have public defender Offices because there are a lot of defendants that are not able to cover a lawyer from their own pocket. But do not think you are getting someone who will not take your case seriously. Many times, these lawyers have gained invaluable experience in cases like yours and are fully able to work on your behalf to get a positive outcome. If your state does not have a public Defender’s office, they will likely assign you to a person from a local, private law firm who’s proficient in this area of the law. This sort of criminal lawyer singapore is going to do this pro bono, or, without charge to you. The state reimburses them for their time and service.

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Generally, when you appear in Court, the judge will ask you if you have got a criminal attorney or, if not, would you need one to be appointed for you. If you cannot afford one, you want to be prepared to submit financial information to the judge for approval. There is usually no waiting period for your introduction into the court-appointed attorney. The judge will hook you up with them immediately and complete your court appearance. Sometimes, depending upon your state’s court system processes, you will have to wait to satisfy your assigned attorney for the judge to assess your financial situation.